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Create the Perfect Employee Appreciation Box

Great Ideas Of What To Include In Your Box

Employee Appreciation

The first of March is Employee Appreciation Day, and companies all over the US will celebrate what makes it all possible: their employees.  A great staff is the driving force behind the success of any business – and this day brings a great opportunity to express to your team just how important they are.

Studies have shown that a feeling of being under-appreciated can result in an employee’s lowered productivity.  But don’t just reward employees to improve your bottom-line; the people who work for you are your company’s life-blood.  They’ve shown loyalty helping your organization achieve its goals, and it’s essential to show them how much you appreciate that.


What You Can Do

Putting together an assortment of well-thought-out swag (maybe even company branded) that benefits your employees through their day, is one way of showing them they matter. Taking it one step further and arranging it in a custom printed and sized box will really create a cool and unique gift that will reinforce and acknowledge the value of your team.

At BuyBoxes we understand the importance of treating your employees well.  We make it easy for you to show your staff how much thought you’ve put into the perfect gift.  After all, you aren’t just packing up random gifts, you’re packaging tokens of your appreciation for your team!  Our upgraded editor and new Variable Print feature make it easy to create the perfect employee appreciation box.  Just as easily as tailoring the gifts inside to each member of your staff, you can now quickly and easily personalize the message or name on each box in a single design window.

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you high and dry to figure out what you should put in your employee appreciation box on your own. We’ve put together a list of some great gift ideas to include in your kit and where we’ve found them!


Gourmet Coffee

There’s nothing more energizing to some than a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee to start their day.  You can improve that essential part of everyone’s morning by giving them small batch, premium roasted coffee.  In a way you’re helping them, help you.  They start their day refreshed and happy, and go on to have a productive morning.  Speedwell Coffee Roasters is a local, personal favorite of ours that we just keep on going back to.



What better to go along with fresh coffee than a personalized tumbler to keep it piping hot and remind them how much they’re appreciated every time they take a sip? Tumblers are a hot trend these days, but it’s tough to find the one that works great without breaking the bank.  They seem to either work perfectly but are too expensive, or they’re affordable but somehow manage to dribble luke warm coffee on you no matter how tight you think you closed the lid! Pelican offers the best of both worlds, and in our opinion, is the cream of the crop when it comes to making quality tumblers at a fair price. Not only do they keep your coffee hot and your drinks cold, but they are sold at an affordable price by a company that manufactures right here in the U.S. of A.


Business Travel Essentials

Travel accessories make great gifts!  A lot of people travel for business and they’ll often find themselves wishing they had a neck pillow, a plug adaptor, or any number of tools that would make their trips less stressful. Well look no further than Recreational Equipment, Inc. – they have it all! They are a co-operative business; this means that they are owned by their members.  They sell everything from outdoor equipment to travel accessories.


Quality Notebook or Portfolio

A key tool in any employee’s workspace is a good notebook.  Employees will keep notes on their goals and projects, or keep a schedule and mark appointments.  Having a good place to keep yourself organized is the key to being successful in your work.  Rustico offers the perfect solution to keep your staff on the road to success.  They handcraft high quality notebooks in a variety of different styles.  Any of their products from small notebooks to larger portfolios would make the perfect gift.


Bottle of Wine

We know, we know… not every workplace allows you to gift alcohol to your employees and this idea isn’t for everyone.  But there isn’t a more classic gift than a quality bottle of wine. A trip to Nashoba Winery will give you incredible tasting wine and beautiful scenery to go along with it.  For those that aren’t close enough to quickly stop in for a bottle, you can order you wine right in their online store.


However you decide to commemorate Employee Appreciation Day, don’t forget to support, thank and reward your workers for a job well done! Click here to design your own unique Customer Appreciation Kit.