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Reasons to Invest in Custom Packaging for Your Business

You take pride in your company’s products, but how do potential buyers view them? The truth is that there is stiff competition in most product-based businesses, and you need a way to make sure your products stand out from the others.

Competition is healthy for a vibrant market, but you can only compete if potential buyers see that your products are different than the rest. One of the best ways you can accomplish this is to invest in custom packaging.

In this article, you will discover the reasons to use custom packaging plus the many benefits of custom packaging that your business can experience after implementing it.

Reasons to Invest in Custom Packaging

Read the ten reasons below for the true value of custom packaging for your company’s products.

Make a Good First Impression

1. Make a Good First Impression

A good first impression can make the difference between a consumer becoming an all-out brand evangelist or giving their loyalty to another company. All it takes is catching a shopper’s attention at first glance for them to potentially become a customer for life. But to do this, you need the right custom packaging to stand out online or on store shelves.

When it comes to custom packaging investments, many of the following reasons on this list will contribute to giving potential customers a good first impression. That way, you can get more new customers and grow your business, all thanks to the right packaging and details.

2. Save on Shipping and Storage

Shipping your products can cost a lot of money, but many companies are unaware that the right custom packaging can actually help them save money in this part of their budget. Pre-made packaging may be too large for your products, causing you to pay more for shipping empty space. Or, if you pay to store your products before shipping out, you could be losing money by taking up more space than you need in your warehouses.

Your best option is to use custom packaging that perfectly fits and protects your products. With this option, you’re only paying for what you need, whether you’re shipping products around the world or storing them before a sale.

3. Communicate Values to Your Customers

You want your customers to understand your business based on what you say about it instead of what your competition may be saying. When you use custom packaging, you have the opportunity to include information for your customers that comes directly from the source — you.

You can briefly mention your commitment to environmental sustainability, charity work or whatever else is important to your business that you want your customers to know about when interacting with your product.

4. Use Packaging as a Way to Advertise

Chances are that advertising is another one of your company’s main expenses. You can use custom packaging as another form of advertisement for customers browsing online stores or walking the aisles of brick-and-mortar retail locations. If they see your custom brand colors and imaging, they’ll start to recognize your products. When the time comes to make a purchase, they may think of your product because of the way you used your packaging to advertise your brand and build brand awareness.

5. Increase the Perceived Quality of Your Products

You can better align your prices with your products’ quality in the eyes of consumers with custom packaging. Quality is important to consumers, and striking the right balance between your price point and the quality of your goods is essential. If you’re a premium brand, then opt for packaging that invokes premium ideals to attract more customers. You can even position less-than-premium products in a better light with the right packaging.

6. Inform Buyers About Your Product

6. Inform Buyers About Your Product

Even the best packaging will do little good if customers have a hard time understanding what your product is or why it’s the solution to their needs. Use custom packaging as an opportunity to educate your buyers on specific points about your product. This will help consumers make more confident buying decisions while also reducing the chance for returns. Always include essential information about your product to enhance your customers’ understanding of what they’re buying.

7. Help the Environment

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), yearly municipal solid waste can reach around 80 million tons. That’s a lot of pointless waste. With custom packaging, your company can take the first step to reduce that number significantly. For instance, you can implement custom packaging for your products that customers can reuse, like a tote bag or device storage bag. You can also use biodegradable and recycled materials to help the environment further.

8. Add a Personalized Touch for Customers

Today’s customers want to feel like they are appreciated by their favorite brands. Use custom packaging to help customers feel more special after they buy your products. That way, they’ll feel like you’re selling directly to them instead of to a larger demographic. Include a thank you note with your packaging or a special gift as your way of letting them know that you acknowledge them and appreciate their business.

9. Meet Specific Retail Requirements

Some retailers may have special requirements for the products they sell. This may include ensuring your product packaging meets regulatory standards from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other governing bodies. Once you learn of any specific product packaging requirements for your product, use custom packaging to make sure you’re staying regulation-compliant.

10. Increase Your Profits

Each of the above custom packaging benefits contributes to furthering the main reason you’re in business — to make a profit and make a living for yourself, your employees and your coworkers. Use product packaging to your advantage to encourage more sales, save money where you can and ensure you have a strong brand that consumers will want to buy from time and time again.

Get Custom Packaging for Your Products With BuyBoxes

At BuyBoxes, our goal is to help your company get the custom packaging it needs to stand out from the competition and attract more buyers. We’ve designed our full line of products to be customizable to meet your demands. We also offer intuitive online software for you to design your product packaging yourself, giving your packages a truly customized aesthetic.

If you have any more questions about our products and services or want to take the next step toward achieving custom packaging, we invite you to contact us online today.