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Variable Data Printing

The Newest Trend in Personalized Packaging

Variable data printing can be the difference between something that creates a lasting impression for your brand and something that’s thrown right in the trash.

We’ve seen it time and time again. From human resources groups to marketing professionals, they all make the same mistake. They send out care packages and promotions but fail to connect with the person they’re sending them too.  That’s because their promotions and the packages they come in are impersonal and plain. So how do you create a unique box that feels personal?

With Variable Data Printing!

make every box unique with personalized packaging text next to a box with "welcome alex!" on it

What’s Variable Data Printing?

You no longer have to send the same bland boxes to everyone on your mailing list. Using variable data BuyBoxes gives you the ability to customize each package you send with a different person in mind. Personalized Packaging has never been easier! The changes you make can be extremely simple or a bit more complex, we’ve really seen (and done) it all.

All you have to do is:

  1. Create your Design
  2. Choose part of your design to change for each individual (Such as their name or a different phrase)
  3. Send us a list of the changes made on each box and voilà… You have beautiful, personalized packaging!

To get your mind turning on the possibilities we’ve put together a list of a few of the different ways you can use variable to personalize your packaging.

  1. Promotional Campaigns
  2. Holiday Gift Boxes
  3. Onboarding Kits
  4. University Welcome Boxes

Promotional Campaigns

 The biggest issue marketers face when they’re crafting campaigns is finding ways to connect with their audience on an individual level. The last thing anyone wants is to feel like an unimportant part of the crowd. Variable Data Printing gives you the ability to personalize your campaign to show your customers how valuable they are to your organization.

Everyone’s seen emails with their name plugged in, but it isn’t often that a company goes above and beyond to create packaging made just for them. A change as small as adding someone’s name can make the world of difference in the eyes of your customer.

After all, we’ve all seen how much success Coca-Cola had with their “Share a Coke” campaign. Having a personal connection makes people more apt to engage with your brand sharing photos and experiences they’ve had with your product.

You can make promotional give-a-ways that are truly memorable. Variable data printing can be the difference between something that creates a lasting impression for your brand and something that’s thrown right in the trash. Use what you know about your customer to change the artwork even just a tiny bit, making your campaign feel a lot more personal.

Holiday Gifts

The holidays are a special time of the year. During this time, it’s important to let your employees and customers know how much they mean to you. Most businesses send out holiday gifts, but we can help you send a personalized package that will stand out and leave a lasting impression. The best gifts always are the ones that have some thought put into them.

One of our favorite designs was a custom holiday box we printed last fall. Rand-Whitney used variable data printing to showcase personal letters written by their salespeople to each one of their customers. It’s something that doesn’t take much time but can mean a great deal to your customers!

Onboarding Kits

Joining a new company, especially a large one, can be an especially stressful time in anyone’s life. But a lot of that stress can be avoided by a welcoming environment that gives the employeeeverything they need to succeed. Onboarding kits are a great way to give a new hire some of the things they need to get started, but for large companies that hire a lot of people, they often end up feeling a bit impersonal and robotic. Personalizing your packaging using variable data printing is a great way to bring a new team member into the fold in a way that shows them how happy you are that they’ve joined the company.


College Welcome Boxes

Entering college is a huge move in anyone’s life. Packing up and moving into a new city with a whole new group of peers can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. College admissions offices are always looking to get new students involved as quickly as possible. This usually means sending students free gifts to give them a sense of school spirit. Welcome kits are becoming more and more popular among universities around the country, but most of them are sending generic packages to every incoming student.

Curating a care package catered to each individual student is a great way to give them an unshakable sense of excitement and pride in their new school. Variable data printing allows you to interchange each student’s name and major on their own personal welcome kit, creating a great first impression before they even arrive on campus.

If you have any more questions about creating your own personalized packaging through the use of variable print, please contact us at or give us a call at 877 253 7364.