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Void Fill

Improved Protection & Presentation

Vela Bags, Tissue Paper, Spiro Pack & Flexi Hex

Void Fill Packaging Solutions

BuyBoxes has expanded our product offerings to encompass a full suite of void fill solutions. Custom boxes are an important part of your products presentation. However, that falls short if the inside of the box is a mess when you open it. Void fill offers a way to secure your product, while keeping it in an aesthetically pleasing position. On top of custom corrugated inserts, we offer Flexi-Hex, Spiro, Tissue Paper, and Vela bags.

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Added Protection

Void Fill helps cushion the blows your package sustains during regular travel.

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Aesthetic Appeal

Ensure your product stays firmly in position to give customers a beautiful unboxing experience.

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Eco-Friendly Solutions

Using paper based void fill means your package is environmentally sustainable from top to bottom.

An Added Touch to Make your Product Pop!

A proper packaging presentation is key to any companies sales strategy. A messy package can leave a bad taste in customers mouths. The right void fill can make all the difference. Paper based Spiro, Flexi-Hex, and Tissue provide an aesthetically pleasing, natural look and feel, all the while maintaining a high level of product protection.

Each option is completely recyclable and offers a unique look and feel. Your customers will appreciate your ability to think past the days of packing peanuts and bubble wrap to reach a solution that has the look and feel of an innovative company.


SpiroPack is an innovative and sustainable alternative to crinkle paper and packing peanuts. It uses a space saving design that expands to over 10x it’s original size and uses 80% less packing space than crinkle paper. Clean cut spirals create no dust or mess in facilities and packages. To top it off you can use custom colors to truly match your brand.

Vela Bags

Vela Bags are a sustainable, paper-based alternative to plastic poly mailers. These bags are curbside recyclable and made from FSC certified paper. The transparent nature allows for easy barcode scanning and product visibility, while maintaining it’s durability. It protects from humidity, moisture and dust while in transit.


Flexi-Hex is a 100% recyclable, adaptable, protective, and plastic-free paper packaging solution. Truly environmentally friendly, Hex-Flex is completely curbside recyclable. The honeycomb design uses a hexagonal cell structure that is renowned for its strength. The design can also compress to less than 35 times its maximum width, so you don’t waste space in storage.

Sustainable, Paper-Based Solutions

Helping our customers come up with sustainable solutions is what we thrive on. Using a blend of recycled and virgin fibers, our products are both sustainably sourced and 100% curbside recyclable. Offering the perfect substitution for plastic packaging of the past.

Common Applications for Void Fill

Filling a package meant for different products can be tricky, but it’s necessary to avoid excess movement within the box. Some common benefits of using void fill are:

  • Shipping protection: good protection is hard to find. SpiroPack and Flexi-Hex provide ample protection for fragile products.
  • Enhanced Presentation: A products presentation is important to both obtaining and retaining loyal customers. These solutions provide the perfect final subtle touch.
  • Special features: SpiroPack comes in a variety of custom colors. Each of these options is easily stored and cleaned up. Vela bags offer a solution to the long used plastic poly-mailer that is a nightmare for recycling facilities.