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Cardboard Flute Thickness

Choosing the right cardboard box type can help you better protect your products during shipment and give your customers an optimal experience with your company. As you’re selecting your box types, one vital consideration is the flute size. The flute thickness of your cardboard materials can affect the durability, design features and protection levels, so you’ll want to ensure you have the best fit for your applications.

At Buyboxes, we provide the resources and tools you need to get the best packaging solutions. If you’re interested in cardboard box flutes, you have a few different considerations to keep in mind as you make your decision. In this guide, we will explore the different types of flute sizes and their applications.

Table of Contents

Common Flute Sizes

  1. E Flute Cardboard Boxes
  2. C Flute Cardboard Boxes
  3. B Flute Cardboard Boxes
The different styles of cardboard flutes

What Are Cardboard Flutes?

Cardboard flutes are the reinforcing structures inside corrugated cardboard, and they give the box material its thickness. The outer liners get added reinforcement from the fluting to form a more secure packaging material. Placed between the top and bottom layers of the cardboard, the flute’s wave-shaped structure creates additional cushioning and durability for the box.

Along with providing more strength, the fluting also serves as insulation against outside shocks and vibration. The central flute layer can come in various thicknesses to provide the specific rigidity and insulation needed for unique cardboard applications. From displays to freight packages, cardboard flutes can provide enhanced protection and security and are a key part of boxes’ overall structures.

Box types can use flutes in a few different ways, such as:

  • Single face: This type of box has one liner attached to the fluting, leaving flutes exposed on one side.
  • Double face: Using three liners, this option consists of two layers of fluting with liners on either side and in the middle for extra durability.
  • Single wall: This option uses one layer of fluting and two liners, one on either side.
  • Double wall: As the strongest type of corrugated cardboard, this option has three liners — two on the outside and one in the middle. Two layers of fluting, separated by a liner, go between the outer liners to reinforce them.

Common Flute Sizes

Cardboard boxes come in different types of flutes, so you can choose the best fit for your applications. You have a few primary options to evaluate as you select the right features for your packaging needs.

Thicker, heavy-duty materials have more flutes per foot and, as a result, are also wider, with the flute waves being tighter and higher.

E Flute Cardboard Boxes

The flattest option of cardboard fluting, the E type, has a compact design ideal for printing and folding. If you need a box material that’s easy to fold and can hold lightweight items, E fluting may be the right choice for you. Typical applications for this material include packaging for cosmetics products and other smaller objects.

C Flute Cardboard Boxes

C fluting is the most robust option available for more heavy-duty packaging needs. It’s also one of the most commonly used types of corrugated cardboard because of its durability and versatility. This material features thicker fluting that can reliably protect more fragile items like glass. C fluting is also a popular choice for heavier applications such as furniture, as it allows for durable protection and easy stacking.

B Flute Cardboard Boxes

B flute boxes are a common choice for marketing applications. With a thinner, more compact design that improves printability, this solution can provide durable product protection and make customized designing easier. B fluting materials are puncture- and crush-resistant and have a higher arch size, but they still have a relatively thin wall thickness. This material is popular for various display and storage requirements for items such as canned goods.

Flute Options We Have Available

At Buyboxes, we offer several flute options to provide the right amount of rigidity, durability and designability for your requirements. Our technology automatically helps you select the best flute possible to ensure you receive the highest quality and protection for your products. Flute sizes we have available for your applications include:

  • E flute cardboard.
  • C flute cardboard.
  • B flute cardboard.

Depending on the type of product packaging or display you need, we’ll recommend one of these flute types for you. We can also provide advanced reinforcement with options like double wall materials. Do you want additional special features for your final result? We can work with you to develop customized design options based on your specific applications.

If you have a unique need for your product packaging or displays, we can work with you to engineer the proper structure and design features to keep your items secure and enhance visual appeal. Whatever you’re looking for to fit your applications optimally, we can assist. Throughout the design process, you’ll have trusted tools and our team’s expertise available to you to help you customize the right solution.

Get the Right Cardboard Flute Type for Your Applications

When you work with Buyboxes, we can help you select the best cardboard flute options for your specific applications. Whatever design features and capabilities you need for your box solutions, our expert team is here to provide guidance. We bring over 75 years in the box manufacturing industry to engineer and design the right product for you. We serve a range of sectors — from small businesses to large enterprises — with trusted services customized to your specific brand, packaging and display needs.

If you need assistance along the way, you can get support from a live customer representative from our team. We prioritize high responsiveness to your needs, superior quality products and optimized customization options. With our seamless self-service portal and our advanced management service solutions, we can help you handle small- and large-scale products with confidence. We’re the premium option for box manufacturing requirements, delivering high-quality solutions that you and your customers will love.

Partner with us for boxes that meet your requirements and properly protect your products. To find out more about our offerings, get in touch with our team today.