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How to Make a Lasting Impression with Packaging

How to Make a Lasting Impression With Packaging

These days, packaging does so much more than deliver your project to a customer. The proper packaging can make your customer feel like the product was put together specifically for them, resulting in a more personal encounter with your brand. If your business is primarily online, your packaging is often the only physical interaction customers have with you.

Therefore, you’ll want to impress your customers right away with eye-catching packaging that you chose with them in mind. The attention to detail makes your brand more memorable and can attract new customers to your business. Learn more about making a lasting impression with your packaging and our tips for designing better boxes.

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Pay Attention to How a Product Fits in Its Box

Do you remember the last time you bought something small and it arrived in an almost absurdly large box? This type of packaging makes for a good laugh, but it can also make a brand seem like it doesn’t give enough thought to its customers. For example, let’s say you sell custom journals. Would your experience as a customer improve if the journal came in an appropriately sized and custom box or a large standard brown cardboard box? You may also want to consider that appropriately-sized packaging is also more sustainable for the environment, which can be important to consumers.

Making your product fit perfectly in its packaging is about more than aesthetics. Well-fitting packaging ensures the item stays safe and secure from the moment it ships to the second it arrives in your customers’ hands. The function is even more important than the presentation in terms of fit. Delivering your product safely is your primary consideration to provide a good customer experience. Their appreciation for the aesthetics of the fit is a bonus!

Common ways of making sure your product fits perfectly in your box include using custom inserts or decorative tissue paper:

  • Custom inserts keep your product secure and add a layer of sophistication to your packaging.
  • Decorative tissue paper adds some flair to your packaging and makes sure it stays protected.

Also, keep in mind that your packaging should be user-friendly. Difficult-to-open boxes might dissuade consumers from shopping from your brand again, so your products need to be easily accessible within their packaging. A perfectly-fit product is a critical factor in creating a better unboxing experience!

You can make your brand stand out with your packaging in several different ways. One of the most important is by using color.

Branding: How to Make Your Boxes Stand Out

Your brand tells a story. Packaging can help you describe your brand’s unique message and is one of the best ways to make customers remember your brand.

You can make your brand stand out with your packaging in several different ways. One of the most important is by using color. Many brands are intrinsically linked with their respective colors in our minds, and different colors often elicit different emotional responses. For instance, pink evokes beauty while yellow evokes joy. Brainstorm what emotions you would like associated with your brand and which colors evoke those emotions, and consider using those colors in your packaging.

Custom stickers and labels can also make your brand stand out from the competition. You can design a logo uniquely associated with your brand, leading to immediate brand recognition. You can place custom labels and stickers directly on products, inside boxes or on the outside of boxes. Logos are also great for creating cohesiveness in your brand, and you can use them even if you like to keep your branding super simple. A label inside a plain box is just as much of a branding signifier as a logo inside a pink striped box!

Other ways of adding a personal touch to your product via packaging are:

  • Using patterns like polka dots or stars on your box
  • Putting notes or coupons inside your box
  • Including thank you notes in your packaging
  • Including messages encouraging customers to reuse your box

Know Your Customers

Understanding who your customers are helps you cater to their needs and exceed their expectations with packaging. Find out what kinds of people are shopping on your site. Knowing your customers’ budgets, ages and genders can help you build trust between them and your brand. They’ll recognize and respect the extra effort that went into picking appropriate and unique packaging!

Remember the Three R’s

You may remember learning the Three R’s in elementary school: reduce, reuse, recycle. While e-commerce grows year after year, sustainable packaging becomes increasingly important. Consumers prefer cardboard packaging, and cardboard is also the most recovered packaging material on Earth. Some consumers think about environmental impact when they make purchases, so it’s a good idea to consider using cardboard for your business. You can eliminate unnecessary waste and contribute to a sustainable future for the planet.

Additionally, you can encourage consumers to reuse or recycle your packaging. Include a note — or a custom label — inside your packaging recommending customers to use the box again or encouraging them to recycle the box properly. You can also include a note about the chosen packaging being sustainable! Sustainable boxes are one of the best ways to make your boxes stand out.

Make Unboxing an Experience

In the digital age, the experience of opening a package is almost as exciting as seeing what’s inside. Many shoppers post things they ordered to their social media pages, especially if the packaging is particularly attractive. This is true of celebrities, social media influencers and the everyday consumer. If you’re wondering how to create a memorable unboxing experience, imagine how your unboxing would look to someone seeing it on social media. People seeing your product through the eyes of someone excited to have received a package is a great way to attract new customers. Excitement is contagious!

And, we can’t forget that unboxings are fun! Everyone loves the feeling of curiosity before opening a gift, and that feeling happens even without the surprise factor when you’ve ordered something for yourself! A consumer’s excitement grows from the moment they order something until it arrives. Surpass their expectations by using customized packaging. And, if you include a little surprise like a note, your customers will be even more excited to open it up!

BuyBoxes Knows How to Make an Impact With Packaging

Designing custom packaging for your products can be a fun and exciting process. Your products are great, and your packaging should say so. At BuyBoxes, we want to help you create a custom design that can be printed on a variety of our packing products. Our team of packaging professionals is available to help you at every step of the way. Our products include mailer boxes, e-commerce mailers, gift boxes and reverse tuck boxes to make your business stand out from the crowd! We have no minimums, no tooling costs and orders usually ship in less than 10 days.

Contact us today and tell us about your business. We are happy to help you get started on helping you tell your unique story.